MMW Advocates LLP is dedicated to helping our clients implement effective environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices that enhance their sustainability, reputation, and financial performance. 

Our team consists of experienced advocates who have a deep understanding of ESG issues, trends, and regulations. We work with companies across various sectors, including real estate, banking, commercial, finance, and the corporate sector in order to develop and implement customized ESG strategies that are aligned to their business goals and stakeholder expectations.

Our Services Include:

1. Sustainability Financing.

 We have issued county governments and investors transactional advisory services on green bonds issues where proceeds are ring-fenced and exclusively applied to finance or re-finance in part or in full new and/or existing projects that will promote progress on environmentally sustainable activities.

2. ESG Strategy and Reporting.

We assist companies to develop ESG strategies that integrate sustainability into their business operations and align such operations with Global and
National standards. Our team helps companies to identify and prioritize ESG risks and opportunities and to create ESG reports that effectively communicate their performance to stakeholders.

3. ESG Risk Assessment.

We conduct comprehensive ESG risk assessments to help companies identify and manage ESG risks that can impact their business. Our team analyzes various ESG factors, including climate change, human rights, labour practices and supply chain management, to help companies mitigate and improve their resilience to such risks during business operations.

4. ESG Performance Improvement.

We provide companies with practical recommendations on the best practices that enable them to improve their ESG performance. In addition, we assist companies in implementing ESG policies and procedures, by developing and conducting ESG training programs. In addition, we liaise with our clientele in order to enhance their ESG communication and engagement with their relevant stakeholders. 

5. ESG Due Diligence.

We conduct ESG due diligence for investors, lenders, and other financial institutions to help them identify and assess ESG risks and opportunities associated with their investments.Our team evaluates the ESG performance of companies and provides recommendations on how to improve their ESG performance. 

6. ESG Training and Capacity Building.

We at MMW Advocates are committed to providing regulate training and capacity building programs for our clientele to build their knowledge on ESGs. This enhances their capabilities to identify and implement ESG practices and across their workforce.

7. Stakeholder Engagement.

We support clients in engaging with their stakeholders, including investors, county government, customers, employees and communities, to understand their expectations and needs related to ESGs. 

Success Equation.

Understanding the Client’s needs + Application of our ESG knowledge = Comprehensive ESG Service