The Stewards

Don’t let your fears kill your dream

Sarah Mwangi

Head of Operations


Sarah is enthusiastic, witty, considerate, and knowledgeable. She has worked with the firm for 6 years and has a wealth of institutional knowledge and business strategies.

Sarah has proven to be the glue that holds the firm together because she is dependable as the center of compliance.

When you walk into our office, Sarah will greet you with a bright smile. She has a special way of deeply connecting with people and you will certainly find yourself laughing when you are around her.


  • Public speaking, administrative management, and communication


  • Higher Diploma in Human Resource Management.
  • Diploma in Business Administration(BA).

Key Achievements

  • Introduction of various management policies to the organisation, such as the Etiquette Policy, Welfare Policy and Orientation Policy.
  • Acting as the Human Resource Assistant.
  • Promotion from the Receptionist to Office Administrator in 2021.
  • Ensured the smooth introduction of Elite Law (Legal Practice Management System) to the firm and remains the head trainer of the system.
  • Acting as the human resource assistant by conducting orientation of newly hired members of the team.