Real estate has become more than just selling and buying property. With globalisation, the possibilities in this space are limitless.

Success Equation

Market Knowledge + Efficiency + Experience + Legal-Tech = Satisfied Real Estate Investor

Choose MMW as your real estate legal partner.

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service, and our commitment to client satisfaction has set us apart in the Kenyan market. Our clients trust us for our attention to detail, responsiveness, and expertise in navigating the Kenyan real estate landscape.

We have become conscious of the shift in the real estate industry over time. Unique investments in real estate, such as joint ventures, timeshare agreements and rent-as-you-buy are becoming more popular. We have provided the legal support that many local and foreign investors in Kenyan real estate require.

Legal technology advancements in this field have enabled our firm to remain efficient, transparent and reliable. We take pride in embracing digitisation and in conducting the first successful transaction on Ardhi Sasa in Kenya.


  • Conducting a thorough diligence investigation to ensure the sanctity of property ownership
  • Ensuring a quick turnaround time on the preparation of all documentation
  • Advising on property acquisition and leasing
  • Representation in the process of transfer and acquisition of new titles

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