In the space of diverse and industry-specific financial investments, the need to scrutinise a borrower’s risk and creditworthiness is necessary to safeguard the investor and their investment.

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Commercial Awareness + Thorough Analysis = Reliable Due Diligence Report

Choose MMW to undertake your commercial due diligence.

Commercial due diligence is the method of evaluating a company’s viability before securing a substantial loan or undertaking an acquisition. It involves analysing the company’s legal background, financials, assets, and operations to identify potential risks and opportunities

We have worked with lenders and venture capitalists in gathering and analysing all the relevant information. We ensure that our commercial due diligence goes beyond the scope of law because we understand the commercial needs of our clients. We provide a detailed report outlining our findings and recommendations that offer support which would lead the lender to make a well-informed decision.


  • Reviewing of financial statements and other financial information
  • Analysing the company’s credit history
  • Reviewing the company’s business operations and management
  • Evaluating the company’s collateral and assets
  • Identification of potential risks and liabilities
  • Providing recommendations for minimizing risks and maximizing opportunities

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