Many businesses collapse within 3 years of formation. Business rescue mechanisms exist to ensure that financially distressed institutions have an avenue to remain afloat despite the challenges.

Success Equation

Deep Understanding Of Financial Issues + Establishing Good Relationships + Expertise = Best Financial Rescue Mechanism

Choose MMW as your Insolvency and Restructuring counsel.

Insolvency and restructuring refers to managing and resolving a company’s financial difficulties when it cannot repay its debts. It is a complex area of law that requires expertise, experience, and a deep understanding of the business and legal environment.

Every insolvency and restructuring case is unique and requires a tailored approach to achieve the best possible outcome. We have advised various committees of creditors, insolvency professionals, private equity players, distressed companies, institutions in the public sector and international banks.


  • Advising on the most appropriate course of action for a company in financial difficulty
  • Representing clients in insolvency proceedings, including bankruptcy, insolvency and liquidation
  • Negotiating and drafting restructuring plans to help companies overcome their financial difficulties
  • Advising creditors on their rights and obligations in insolvency proceedings
  • Providing strategic advice to directors on their duties and obligations during a company’s financial difficulties

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