The Gladiators

Always remember, life is a Shipwreck, but we must not forget to sing on the lifeboats.

Ernest Gichamba Kibuthu

Associate Advocate


  • If you need a sharp-witted, confident and attentive negotiator then Ernest is the best bet. To him, the customer’s perception is his reality and he can walk in any person’s shoes. His natural leadership abilities are evident in the way he manages his responsibilities and files.

    In that regard, he habitually and astutely advises clients on all matters of Dispute Resolution and Commercial Practice and couples that with in-depth legal research, conducting due diligence in the perfection of securities, drafting and review of Commercial Agreements. Moreover, he is a promising Civil and Commercial litigator who possesses thorough case analysis techniques.

    For Ernest, the pursuit of excellence is a non-ending process, and he is currently studying to become a Certified Arbitrator under the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (MCIArb).

Professional Background

    • Member of The Law Society of Kenya
    • Advocate of the High Court of Kenya (2020)
    • Bachelor of Laws (LLB) (2018)

Key Achievements

  • Represented the Bank in a suit against the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission for the recovery of property and effectively had them discharged from the suit that would have cost them up to Kshs. 50,000,000.
  • Negotiated a fatal claim suit worth Kshs. 15,000,000.00 by convincing the plaintiff that the Bank was merely a financer of the accident motor vehicle as it lacked a duty of care as against the aggrieved party leading to the withdrawal of the Bank from the suit.
  • Successfully represented the Bank in dismissing an injunctive suit for the recovery of Kshs. 53,000,000.00
  • Represented the Bank and credit lenders in several criminal car fraud matters where the borrowers fraudulently change the ownership of the security after they had been granted loan facilities.
    • Advised a client on the process of establishing a public-private partnership between a foreign investor in Austria and a local county government for a water treatment project.
    • Between 2021-2022, recovered up to Kshs. 12,000,000 for our Clients in the Banking, Credit Lending and Manufacturing sector. He ensured this by representing the clients effectively through the expeditious determination of the matters.