Janet Kiilu
The Titans

You don’t need more, you need God’s favour

Janet Kiilu

Recoveries Manager


Janet’s strong suit areas include her honesty, persistence, resilience and negotiation skills. She walks into the room with her mindset and leaves the room with what she wanted. She has come up with the perfect combination of persuasion and professionalism to ensure that debtors are well investigated and costs are recovered.

She is an experienced Recoveries Manager in the Debt Collection and Advisory Practice with 8 years of work experience with a variety of both International and local corporate clients.


  • Diploma in Business Management – Supplies and Purchase Option.

Key Achievements

  • Collected debt for a security firm that had been owed Kshs. 4,890,000.00 by a government parastatal through constant engagement with the debtor until a Debt Settlement Agreement.
  • Collaborated with a medical manufacturing company’s Credit Director to collect debt in multiple instances where they only had the debtor’s name. Undertook keen skip tracing, served the debtor with a demand letter, and, after field visits, collected Kshs. 10,000,000.00.
  • Represented a South African company that supplied bio-chemical products in Kenya; the LPO had expired. After effective due diligence, She found out that the debtor company had been closed and ensured that the company recovered Kshs. 3,300,000