More and more, individuals and organisations are choosing to resolve their disputes through faster and more effective means. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms offer many options.

Success Equation

Understanding the issues + Critical Thinking = Successful Alternative Dispute Resolution

Choose MMW to represent you in arbitration and mediation proceedings.

Arbitration and Mediation are two alternative methods of resolving disputes outside the traditional litigation system. Compared to traditional litigation, these methods are flexible, faster, cost-effective, and confidential. ADR contains the ability to preserve the relationships between parties because the proceedings are private and lead to amicable conclusions.

We have extensive experience in Arbitration and Mediation. Our dispute resolution department has observed a rise in the use of Mediation and Arbitration in commercial disputes, resulting in favourable outcomes for all parties involved.


  • Drafting and negotiating arbitration clauses in contracts
  • Representing clients in domestic and international arbitrations
  • Providing advice on the enforceability of arbitral awards
  • Assisting clients in selecting the right arbitrator
  • Mediation services, including representation and advising clients in mediation proceedings
  • Understanding the relationship between the parties

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