Recoveries Manager

Maurine Wahome

The Titans

It’s not about where you come from. It’s about where you belong.


With 7 years under her belt, Maurine is a diligent, altruistic, loyal, self-driven, goal-oriented and competent debt collector. In her interactions with both individual and corporate debtors from different banks and organizations, she ensures to negotiate for a viable payment plan.

Her goal is to get the debtors to pay the entire debt as quickly as possible. She ensures this by identifying, evaluating and monitoring the non-performing loan accounts and implementing a recovery action plan to achieve timely and maximum recovery at a minimal cost and appropriate turn-around time.


  • Administrative Management
  • Customer Relations
  • Attentive to details
Professional Background
  • Higher Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • Diploma in Business Administration (BA)

Key Achievements

  • Assisted a company in Switzerland that only had the debtor’s name and evidence of the outstanding debt. Effectively skip traced and found out the new contacts for the debtor. She collected Kshs. 3,100,000.00 for our Client.
  • Handled an arrogant debtor who required a lot of patience and was able to charm them into paying back Kshs. 4,000,000.00 to the financial institution where they had taken a facility, effectively avoiding litigation for our client.
  • Persistently pursued a client and handled several hours of negotiations with the debtor who was a manufacturing company. After several days of negotiations, we agreed on a payment plan and collected Kshs. 1,000,000 for the pharmaceutical firm.
  • Transformed a debtor we had been pursuing collection from into a client because of how impressed they were by her negotiation skills. This former debtor has given the firm seven instructions, and we have since collected Kshs. 4,285,000.00.
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